Monday, February 15, 2016


I had a great birthday, thank you for all the warm wishes! I had the perfect combination of a morning all to myself, and an afternoon/evening with family. Wil took me to lunch at his favorite burger joint, and very cutely opened his wallet, handed it to the cashier and said, "Here's a $20." Might not seem like a big deal, but it was. He also re-gifted a little Valentine-decorated box full of candy, then promptly said, "You can give it back to me, if you want to."

Woohoo came over with a friend and they made a delicious, vegan taco repipe from Thug Kitchen, which you need if you really want to be Portlandia, and I know you do. My mom joined us and brought my favorite, boxed German-chocolate cake with coconut frosting, in a heart-shape.

It is a gift to feel loved and cared for, and I am gifted.

Thank you.


Laurie Harper said...

So well deserved. You put out a LOT OF LOVE to all of us and into the world. We embrace you!

Elizabeth said...

Well, that's wonderful to hear. I hope that the rest of the year continues to be a celebration of you.

terry said...

Sounds perfect!!