Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Any Other Day

It's not even 8:30 in the morning, and so far this "Mother's Day" I got up with the dog at 5:30 to feed and pee her. Tried to use the bathroom. Couldn't. Found the plunger. Plunged. Cleaned up subsequent sewage mess. Fed the boy. Wiped down the kitchen. Swept the floor. Started the dishwasher. Went to the grocery store. Walked the dog and picked up after her twice. Took out the garbage. Sorted the recycling. Emptied the yard debris/compost. Replaced the inkjet so I could print off a picture my MIL wants to see, but doesn't want to look at on my phone. Got the balloons, cards and gifts all ready to take over to celebrate everyone else today: two birthdays and "Mother's Day."

Happy Any Other Day to all of you living similar realities.

4 comments: said...

Hope you got a few moments for yourself Care. Happy Mother's Day! xoxo


Sounds to me as though you deserve some ME time. Maybe lots of MEMEMEME time.
It's nice to meet the needs of family but there comes a time when we have to rest and be waited on. Hope you got some recognition on this day. Happy Mother's Day Carrie. Hugs from Barbara, mom to three lovely daughters and eight great grandchildren.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, dear Lord. Yes.

kario said...

Got it. Hope Monday was sunny and relaxing and quiet at your house.