Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Yes, we're only into this "vacation" one week and I'm already loopy.

Yes, I've already dropped an F-bomb.

Yes, Rojo laughed.

Yes, it was not directed at him and the miracle is that it's the first one I've ever dropped (within his earshot).

Yes, my exact words were, "This is *&^%$#@ brutal."

Yes, I was referring to the traffic combined with his ice cream songs combined with the incessant questions, combined with my own need to pee. Right. That. Minute.

Yes, we paid back the $5.00 we borrowed from the snow cone man yesterday.

Yes, we bought four more today - three for Rojo and one for me (bubblegum).

Yes, thirteen more days until he starts his "job."

Yes, I already have a coffee date with a friend scheduled for the very first day.

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Elizabeth said...

I'm sorry to laugh, but this post made me do so aloud. Especially the "f-bomb" part -- the reasons for you doing so are priceless --

I send you strength and courage, my lady --

jess said...

yes i adore you. especially when you swear. said...


Anonymous said...

It's just hard work.

When I'm stressed, I whisper "Fuck a duck" in Katie's ear. She laughs and laughs. Fortunately for me she can't talk:)

Hang in there.

Amber said...

The first one?! Woman, you are so good.