Monday, December 10, 2012

Making God Laugh

So, you know what they say about making God laugh? Tell her your plans? Yea. A little like that. Rojo's plan to e-mail Santa didn't stick. He started back up with STM to go see Home Depot Santa. STM's sense of urgency and mine aren't quite the same, and by the time he did some checking, we learned that Home Depot wasn't going to have Santa appear this year. Again I tried with the e-mail idea, and again, it didn't stick. "We will just go to the mall and see Santa when we go to Bath and Body Works to get hand sanitizer," he told me, killing both of my ideas with one stone.

And so, friends, that's how it came to be that today after school, I will be standing in line with the babies and toddlers, and there will be even more of them, because we are going even later in the season that we would have if I had known this was the way it was all going down, and had any say in the matter.

Not only are we seeing Santa, and not only are we looking/shopping for MORE hand sanitizer, we are also attempting to buy him new jeans, and get a couple things I have been putting off getting at the mall, AND eating at the food court.

Pray for me.


Elizabeth said...

Prayers your way.


Yes, praying. Even without complications a trip to the mall can be extremely trying at this time of year. Good luck, God bless.

hg said...

Godspeed. said...

I did pray for you. Hoping it went well.

kario said...

I hope that you survived it, but I also have this sense that because events conspired to make this happen, there must be some reason. I'm betting Rojo said or did some particularly wondrous thing while you were there or some gift will reveal itself soon from this outing.

Love you.

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